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Original BBQ Sauce

All natural, gluten free, no MSG, and no
preservatives! The sauce that started it
all! Mildly sweet with a kick of heat, this
sauce will make any BBQ a huge hit! Get
yours today or give as a gift to the family
grill master! Taste the difference!!

12 oz bottle

$6.00 each
PITTY QUE is always working in the kitchen!! We hope to
have another rub or sauce available soon!! Follow us on
Facebook for updates!

These classic T-Shirts offer a comfortable
loose fit. 5.3 ounce, 100% pre-shrunk cotton.
Buy one today and support our BBQ team and
help out a local rescue!!

Available in sizes S, M, XL


Spicy BBQ Sauce

All natural, gluten free, no MSG, and no
preservatives! Thinner, hotter, and a
packs a punch! By high demand, the
Spicy has arrived!! Get yours today or
give as a gift to the family grill master!
Taste the difference!!

12 oz bottle

$6.00 each
The Sauces:
The Rubs:
The Extras:
Original BBQ Sauce
has won a 2018
Awards of Excellence
from the National BBQ
& Grilling Association
and a 2019 World Hot
Sauce Award for BBQ!
Shot In The Dark BBQ
"Bring Home The Bacon"

Bring Home the Bacon Rub is for
bacon lovers worldwide. It has
flavors that some declare as better
than the real thing. If bacon aroma
and flavor is what you are looking
for, stop right here and grab some
(or a lot) of this stuff. Bring Home
the Bacon makes anything better,
chicken, pork, steaks, vegetables,
even desserts that need that distinct
hint of fried, salty, hickory smoked
bacon! Everyone in your
neighborhood will want you to Bring
Home the Bacon.

$8.00 each (5.40 oz)
"Drunken Chicken"

Drunken Chicken rub is the beer can
chicken in a bottle. The vast
ingredients list includes chicken
powder, beer powder and pecan
powder and has all of those flavors
front and center with a kick of heat
on the back end. This is one Drunken
Chick(en), someone needs to take it

$6.00 each (4.20 oz)
Shot In The Dark BBQ
"Bulls-Eye Steak Seasoning"

Bulls-Eye Steak Seasoning has the
grilled steak taste built in. The
pepper adds the perfect amount of
heat and spice to whatever steak you
decide to cover it with. The foolproof
recipe allows any piece of meat to be
the star of the show; it’s a bulls-eye
every time.

$6.00 each (6.10 oz)
Shot In The Dark BBQ
"Sweet Heat Fajita Rub"

Sweet Heat Fajita Rub has sweet,
smoky and warm notes that will
have you salivating for a fajita or
taco. It is an adaptable rub that is
good on large cuts of meat also. The
full flavor marries well with a
multitude of applications such as
chili, stews or just eating straight out
of the bottle. Just don’t eat the bottle.

$6.00 each (6.00 oz)
Shot In The Dark BBQ
"Just Add Protein Rub"

Just Add Protein Rub is our special
blend of ingredients that gives the
key contributions for your palate:
sweet, salty and savory. This
precisely calculated rub takes all the
guess work out of preparing
tantalizing meat. The rub isn’t
restricted to protein, it is even good
on French fries and vegetables. If you
have an appetite for perfection, then
Just Add Protein!

$6.00 each (5.10 oz)
Shot In The Dark BBQ

Shot in the Dark Smokin’ Hot rub
has perfectly balanced spices and
four different peppers that are sure
to satiate all spectrums of heat.  It is
balanced with the sweet flavor and
dialed down with some red wine
vinegar powder.  The voluptuous
flavors are second to none and will
satisfy all your desires.

$7.00 each (7.00 oz)
Rubs that we will offer soon!!!
Rubs that we will offer soon!!!