Meet the team and their pups!
The Team:
The Pups:
The Equipment:
Masterbuilt 30" Digital Electric Smoker

"Big Boy"
Smoke Hollow 44" Dual Burner Propane Smoker
Meet "The Flag" aka Jerry. He has been
a huge help in transporting gear and
helping setup at contests for the past
2 years. He has been a close friend for
over 6 years and an all-around great
guy. Almost always wearing his
signature Stars & Stripes hat, he has
become a staple at our contests!!
Sabrina has been with the team from
the beginning. She has said from the
start that we had something to
really grow on. Here we are 2 years
later with a website, delicious sauce,
catering opportunities and nothing
but the world ahead of us! She is one
of the originals so when you meet
her, say thank you!
Hi, I’m Thunder aka Bubba! I’m the newest
member of the PITTY QUE family and the face
of the brand. My hobbies include playing with
my toy piggy, annoying my big brother Storm,
and playing tug with my daddy. I have a
smile like Elvis and the energy of the
energizer bunny. I keep going and

Fostered and adopted by Eric & Dana - 2015
Eric is the founder and head pitmaster at PITTY QUE.
Eric grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has spent
most of his career in the technology field but he has
always loved to cook and even more to barbecue! Eric
and his father, Fred, started out doing competition
barbecue contests together a couple years ago. This was
started as a hobby but grew to so much more.  Eric’s
main objective at the competitions was to make sure the
sauce was the best. In trying many different recipes he
finally got the perfect combination! All of this started as
a way for a father and son to spend more time together
and it has become that and more.
Fred is Eric’s right hand man at PITTY
QUE, they make a great father-son
team when it comes to smoking and
barbecuing. Since the first
competition that Fred and Eric did
together, everyone knew they would
be a success. One being that the food
and sauce were delicious and second
the teamwork that both showed to
each other.  
What can we really say about Dana? She has a
contagious smile and her attitude is one in a million.
She has been married to Eric for over 8 years and
pushes him every day to be the best he can be. She is
the President & CFO of PITTY QUE, and is lead for
special events. She is always promoting the team
and making friends at every turn. During
competitions, she is right by Eric's side. She helps
with lending a hand, taste testing, and running
those beautiful turn-in boxes to the judges! As you
can see in the picture, she never stops smiling!
Hi, I’m Storm! I’ve had many foster
brothers and sisters. Sometimes they
annoy me but mommy and daddy say I’m
a good boy because I play with them
anyways. I have allergies, so please don’t
think I’m weird if I rub my face on the
couch when you come over 

Adopted by Eric & Dana - 2009
Hi, I’m Billie Jean! I love to play with
my best friends Storm, Rayne, and
Thunder when I visit Auntie Dana and
Uncle Eric. My mommy rescued me and
gives me lots of love. Don’t leave your
socks laying around because I will
claim them for my own!

Adopted by Sabrina - 2015
Hi, my name is Rayne. I am my
Daddy's baby girl and a spoiled little
princess! I love to chase bunnies and
spend time outside. I have been a great
mommy to all the foster puppies we
have had but most of all I love to steal
my dad's pillow at night!

Adopted by Eric & Dana - 2010
Hi, my name is Munchie and I am the
southern bell of the group. I live in
Florida with my daddy and I love to
cuddle with him and give everyone
kisses. I also love to chase my tennis
balls but my biggest love is my rubber
toy heart ❤

Adopted by Fred - 2004
Hi, we are Boyd and Hermeez! Boyd
loves to play with tennis balls and
any stick he can find. Hermeez is a
little more laid back but he is the
guard of the house. Garbage day is
the best as he loves to chase the
garbage trucks along the fence line!

Adopted by Jerry - 2005

R.I.P. Boyd 2/4/17
R.I.P. Hermeez 9/24/18
"Lil' Chicky"
Weber Kettle 22.5" w/
Smoker Conversion Kit
Jesse has joined our team within
the past year and has a been a
huge help in making our product
and an even more with our events.
With his boisterous personality
you definitely won’t miss us and
he always puts a smile on all our
customers faces!! He also is a big
animal lover which you know we
Hi there! We are Bowser, Angel and
Ben. We can be quite the threesome at
times but we all really mean the My mom might say that we
drive her up a wall and dad says we
need to stop messing with the skunks
in the neighborhood. It's not our fault
they want to play with us! We guess
we are just too much fun!!

Adopted by Jesse
Eric P is our traveling go-to for
assistance. He knows good BBQ when
he tastes it and is spot on for feedback
during our competitions. The two
Eric's make a great team and they
have always finished in the top 5
when they are together. They are in
sync, calm, cool, collected and
Cory could sell the shirt off his
back! He is amazing at our events
helping sell and promote our sauces
and rubs. His tactics are hysterical
and make you turn your head but
success follows! He brings
persistence and a never take no
attitude! To quote the man himself...
"What? You don't like BBQ? You
don't want to save the puppies?"
Hi there, I'm Maggie and I am just one
of the sweetest pups you will ever
meet. I love all kinds of food and most
of all I love going to the park with my
dad! I also enjoy playing every chance
I get and also protecting my house
from those stinky skunks!! LOL

Adopted by Eric P & Rene - 2015
Rene is a great set of hands for
helping the team and a big smile
for the customers! She helps Dana
events. She was also a huge help at
our People's Choice competitions
in 2017 by helping hand out the
samples and keeping Eric on the
smoker where he belongs!! LOL
Brian has helped us get
transitioned from backyard to
professional by teaching BBQ
wisdom. He has assisted at
competitions as well as our largest
catering event in 2017. He is a
great guy and we are happy to
have him be a part of our team
when called upon!
The Hunsaker Team

"Black Betty" "Green River" "Black Water"