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PITTY QUE is a proud member of the
BBQ Association of America (BBQAOA).
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10% of all sales through our sauce, shirts, and special catering events
are donated back into the community to a local animal rescue & support organization!!
People in the rescue and animal education world have it unbelievably hard when it comes to funds and
exposure. There are so many animals out there that don’t have homes or that are in need medical
attention that they are unable to receive. Unfortunately overpopulation is one of the major problems. This
is why we fully support organizations that provide low cost spay/neuter and vaccine services to animal
lovers in need of financial assistance. The wonderful people that try to help are fighting what seems like a
never ending battle. We have all worked with rescues and educators in the past and would like our
business to contribute to help them in one way or another. We plan to help an organization in need each
year, not only by donating a portion of our sales but also to help get the word out about their mission.
PITTY QUE is a proud member of the
Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS).
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2018 Featured Organization:
PITTY QUE is a proud member of the National
Barbecue & Grilling Association (NBBQA). We
are also a 2018 Awards of Excellence winner!!
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PITTY QUE is so excited to get our season started this year! We are doing a lot of planning and many more events than last
season which we will be announcing soon. We did want to announce our featured organization for the year... They are the
wonderful folks at West Suburban Humane Society for a second year!! They are a local rescue located in Downers Grove, IL
which we have actually adopted from before and they are awesome! They have been doing the work that they do since 1972 and
in recent years have found homes for up to six hundred cats and dogs in one year. Most of the people doing this work are
volunteers so a big thank you to them. We will be donating 10% of our sales and any additional donations to this wonderful
organization. The West Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to operating a premier animal shelter for the purpose of finding
safe, permanent and compatible homes to adopt domestic dogs and cats. They are committed to educating and encouraging the
public to humanely care for dogs and cats. If you are interested in adopting or even just donating please visit their website at